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2019 Thematic Focus

The Intersectionality of the Local Environmental Education Landscape to Social Emotional Learning and other Allied Fields

We seek to better understand and connect with the Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) movement by considering the outcomes this allied field seeks that EE supports. We hope to find a common language and framework that will amplify the work of all organizations that advance the social emotional wellness of children.

  • How are local EE organizations currently connected to organizations or programs in allied fields, such as SEL?
  • What local SEL or other related networks exist, and how can EE engage, support, and advance these efforts?
  • What does the local funding community for SEL, health and wellness, or other allied fields look like? How well are we (or could we be) connected?

As we explore these questions and more, we will learn from and share with local non-profit leaders and peers as we hope to strengthen the field and increase opportunities for all young people.