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EEFC member organizations make annual membership contributions which enable us to network with fellow grantmakers, coordinate a peer learning community, host and underwrite convenings with expert speakers, partner on field-building initiatives, and seed emerging practices. We welcome a broad field of funders in education, health, community or youth development, public policy, and environment. If you would like to attend our events and/or become a member, please contact EEFC Co-Chairs Jackie Latham or Rena Payan.

Membership is open to the following types of grantmakers:

  • Advised Funds
  • Community Foundations
  • Corporate Foundations
  • Corporate Giving Programs
  • Family Foundations
  • Focused Funds
  • Government Grantmaking Agencies
  • Independent Foundations
  • Individual Donors
  • Philanthropic Giving Circles
  • Philanthropic Management Entities
  • Public Foundations

Membership Criteria

  1. The member’s primary purpose for joining EEFC is a desire to improve its grantmaking program.
  2. The member awards $25,000 or more per year in grants to multiple, unrelated organizations within its environmental education priority area, and does not restrict its giving to subsidiary chapters or to a single institution. (“In-kind contributions/grants” (products and/or services) will be considered as all or part of the applicant’s eligible grantmaking in qualifying for membership, but will not be used as a basis on which to calculate dues.)
  3. Information regarding a member's grantmaking program is public (e.g. through a web site or the use of printed materials, and/or by its IRS form 990PF). Exception: Individual and donor advised funds do not need to meet this criterion. However, donor advised funds must be managed at organizations which meet this criterion.
  4. For organizational members, the grantmaking program is the most significant part of the applicant’s activities.

Recommended contributions are tiered based on the total amount of environmental education-related grantmaking/giving per calendar (or fiscal) year.

Total Annual EE-Related
Minimum Recommended Contribution
$25,000 - $300,000  $1,600
$301,000 - $999,999$8,150